Stress Release InnerPower Skill Set CD & Guide Book

Stress Release InnerPower Skill Set

Tina Finn is passionate about significantly impacting many through individual coaching and in group coaching via her workshops, partnering with each to strategize more powerful solutions for their greatest achievement in business and their personal life.

CD & Guide Book

This all new system will change the way you manage every situation in your life, so you can live happy and stress free!

This 42 minute power packed recording offers five simple skills for eliminating stress. You will release stress with Skill Set #1, a meditation for immediately removing stress from your mind and body. Skill Sets #2, 3 & 4 show you how to easily eliminate stress for good, so you can move forward in your life and never again be a victim to stress. Skill #5 will relax, strengthen and connect you to your inner strength and personal power. An 18 page instructional guide book with tips and other helpful information is included.

With this CD You will easily:

* Gain confidence
* Connect to your core strengths
* Eliminate stress, worry & fear
* Tap into your inner power
* Engage in life with passion
* Become more productive
* Gain empowering skills for change
* Overcome anxiety & depression
* Generate happiness

About the Music: The music in this CD is delivered at 432Hz frequency by Adam Coronado and Eric Galletta. Produced by, Eric Galletta of Park Hill Music Studios.

Most everything we listen to (even music in other meditations) is delivered at 440Hz. At the 440Hz cells are jumbled and disturbed at a very unhealthy rate. The end result is destructive to your body and mind. It also causes your cellular energetic vibration to disconnect with your creator. This misalignment lowers your ability to live as the light in which you were intended.

The 432Hz frequency is healing at a cellular level. It harmonizes the cells in your brain and body. Over time, it reconfigures your cells to vibrate at the frequency of light, as intended. There are scientific studies proving its affect on the DNA, increasing DNA strands, which is needed for higher consciousness.

Become the greatest competitor for your happiness,

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