Park Hill Music Group Celebrates a New Year 2011

WE at Park Hill Music Group are looking forward to a very busy 2011!

Starting in January we are actively working with a few select artists soon to be disclosed.

Our creative staff of Engineers Producers and Musicians will be eagerly mixing up the productions to give you the listener as unique audio and video experience as if you were here with us while it all goes down!

Come experience a up close and personal “behind the music” experience.

Ready For The Times TO Get Better- Michael O’Dorn

We look forward to you joining us! We are “Ready For The Times To Get Better”

Happy New Year 2011

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I'm a creative spirit who loves the audio and visual arts . I manage produce and run, along with a great dedicated team of engineers,producers and musicians who are all audiophiles a 3200 sq ft state of the art recording studio called Park Hill and I also make custom one of a kind hand crafted guitars under my last name Galletta . ... "Galletta Guitars"
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