Park Hill Music goes the ” Old World Audio ” way . ..

Park Hill Music goes the “Old World Audio” way thanks to Rodney Davis of Old World Audio . .. …

Rodney Davis Founder of Old World Audio visited Park Hill Music studio and really liked the vibe, energy, equipment and space in our room for recording world class music in an “Old World Audio” way. Rodney and Old World Audio has many years of research into vintage audio gear and has sonically improved from yesteryear’s designs bringing the “LOVE” equation back into music.

Old World Audio was founded by Rodney Davis. From the beginning, Rodney says “it has been our mission to provide the highest quality products available for the money. We have invested a considerable amount of time and resources into researching and testing components before using them in our products, even having them custom made when necessary. Our experience with a wide variety of equipment allows us to educate our customers on how to achieve their desired sound. Whether it is transformer color or natural clarity you are looking for, we can build you a custom unit or mod an existing one. We believe in the quality of analog recording and have vowed to keep this style of equipment alive like an Old World Tradition.”

The U33 compressor utilizes all vacuum tube technology (no solid state). It is transformer balanced in and out and was built out of the respect for some of the 1960’s Abbey Road engineer Geoff Emerick’s recordings from the Beatles Revolver era.The unit is not a direct clone of any compressor from the past but we feel the essential features of the EMI RS124 are preserved as well as some newer flexibility.

The unit is a cross between an Altec 436, EMI RS124 and Universal Audio175B. Running channel A into channel B will yield some very interesting pumping a breathing effects.If High Fidelity is in mind it is Stereo Linkable and will behave itself across a mix beautifully.We hope you enjoy the unit as much as we did designing it and recording with it.The unit was honestly a labor of love and we think it adds a certain magic to the recording experience.

Park Hill Music is pleased to have partnered up with Old World Audio . .. “we believe that Rodney has struck the proverbial chord in music recording and has brought back that elusive loving feeling that music has been is missing!”

We cant wait till you feel the LOVE of our future recordings! Until then stay tuned!

CHECK OUT “Locked Down” by Dr. John and Dan Auerbach. Note the TWO OWA U33s stacked up next to Dan at 1:00.

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