Park Hill Music Group Celebrates a New Year 2011

WE at Park Hill Music Group are looking forward to a very busy 2011!

Starting in January we are actively working with a few select artists soon to be disclosed.

Our creative staff of Engineers Producers and Musicians will be eagerly mixing up the productions to give you the listener as unique audio and video experience as if you were here with us while it all goes down!

Come experience a up close and personal “behind the music” experience.

Ready For The Times TO Get Better- Michael O’Dorn

We look forward to you joining us! We are “Ready For The Times To Get Better”

Happy New Year 2011

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Thom Bresh visits Park Hill Music

Thom Bresh

Thom Bresh the son of Country Music Hall of Fame great Merle Travis, is a successful musical performer in his own right. – wiki

Thom Bresh gave us the pleasure of stopping by here at the studio to pay us a visit and pick up his “Galletta” Bigsby – Guitar in which Eric built him. Thom requested Eric to reshape the neck to his optimal size shape and feel.

Thom played the guitar and thought that the guitar was “just great”!

He also took the time to record a handful of songs here in the studio on his Martin- Bigsby Acoustic D-28 #1
Thom Bresh \" Lay Down Sally\"

We look forward to Thom sharing those tunes once they are mastered!

check out The Breshman

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Mark Tindle – Technical Elvis in the Studio

Mark Tindle – Technical Elvis recently visited the studio and serviced the Neve V3 60 input console! Mark has been tweaking, installing,cleaning and repairing much of the studio related equipment here at Park Hill! We are proud to assure you a flawless music production and a pleasant recording experience.

Technical Elvis in the house

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Park Hill moving on UP ! New UpGrades to Studio!

Park Hill Music recently upgrades and aggregated our Vintage Neve v3 60 Input console and the power of digital recording with Digidesigns C24 and Pro -Tools capabilities.

Come check us out for the best in recording services
Park Hill Music (951) 652-8742

C24 Digidesign Console and Neve

Pro Tools is powerful software, and adding a control surface takes that power to a whole new level. The C|24, the newest control surface from Digidesign, offers 24 bankable channel strips, each with a touch-sensitive, motorized fader, motion sensitive encoder and LED ring, and dedicated Mute, Solo, Select, Input, Record, EQ, Dynamics, Insert, Send, and Automation illuminated switches. High-quality analog components provide great sound on the front end along with outputs to handle tasks such as monitoring. Easy-to-read, dual-row LED scribble strip displays let you easily keep tabs on each channel.

The C|24 comes equipped with a 5.1 surround analog monitor section for post-production work, and a built-in talkback mic and inputs for remote talkback and listen-back simplify studio situations. This is the perfect solution for small- to medium-sized studios looking to equip themselves with a smaller Pro Tools|HD system or bolster the hands-on control of a Pro Tools LE rig. Plus, since it compatible with both LE and HD, LE users that are eyeing a move up to HD in the future can add the C|24 to their current setup, and seamlessly add HD when they’re ready. It’s time to take control with the C|24!

Digidesign LE|C24 Pro Tools

* C|24
* 003 Rack Factory
* DV Toolkit 2
* C|24 TRS DigiSnake Kit
* BF Fairchild Bundle
* BF Pultec Bundle
* Digidesign Synchronic
* Digidesign AIR Hybrid
* TL EveryPhase
* 24 bankable channel strips
* Touch-sensitive motorized faders
* Dedicated Mute, Solo, Select, Input, Record, EQ, Dynamics, Insert, Send and Automation illuminated switches
* Dual-row LED scribble strip displays
* 16 high-quality, low-noise mic/line/DI preamps
* 8 x 2 stereo line submixer
* 5.1 surround analog monitor section
* Built-in talkback mic and inputs for remote talkback and listen-back

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Park Hill Sponsors Temecula International Jazz Festival

Its that time of the year again… Park Hill Music sponsors the Temecula International Jazz Festival Chuck Niles Jazz award. Who will be the next winner to win a day in Park Hills World Class Studio.

Chuck Niles — the voice of Jazz in Los Angeles passed away at the age of 76. He spent over 50 years on-air and was beloved by all, earning him countless affectionate nicknames– Bob Florence called him “Bebop Charlie”; the Latin Jazz world knew him as “Carlitos Neelace”; and Horace Silver dubbed him the “Hippest Cat in Hollywood.”

We are proud to honor Chuck Niles and his memory via a music award that represents his love for JAZZ Music and the importance of music education via Musicians Workshop, Temecula California, The Home of the Chuck Niles Jazz Collection.

Temecula International Jazz Festival

The Chuck Niles Jazz Music Award, is an open competition, Presented and Hosted by the Chuck Niles family.


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George Kahn – Secrets From The Jazz Ghetto

The Hemet Session

Secrets From Jazz Ghetto

Recorded January 2009, with George Kahn — piano, Andy Suzuki — sax, Karl Vincent — bass, M. B. Gordy — drums, Recorded at Park Hill Music Studio by John Goetz and Eric Galletta, Hemet CA and mixed by Carl Sealove in Los Angeles, CA.

January 11, 2009 was a beautiful day in Hemet, California, especially for the George Kahn Quartet. After winning the Chuck Niles Bebop Award at the Temecula Valley International Jazz Festival in the summer of 2008, it was finally time to “cash in” the grand prize, a free day in the studio at Park Hill Music Studio in Hemet. The studio, located at the remote end of a remote town, is comprised of 3200 Sq ft of recording studio built the “old fashioned way” (a big airplane hangar-type room with baffles, but no isolation booths). It features a world class Neve V3 60 input console and a producers desk which holds an array of class A outboard gear (including a bunch of tube amps to warm up the sound). The room includes a 1902 Steinway 6′ 10″ Model B Grand Piano and a slew of top-end microphones.

George and his quartet (saxophone player Andy Suzuki, bassist Karl Vincent and drummer M. B. Gordy) showed up at the uncharacteristic jazz hour of 10:00 AM to start recording, with the plan to kick out 6 new songs by the end of the day — a full albums worth of material to be completed by the time the dinner bell rang. The added challenge was to be that, due to the lack of isolation in the studio, there could be no overdubs — this was going to be recorded the “old fashioned way” — with no fixes.

The plan was to start the day off playing “Over The Rainbow” (track 2 on Volume 1) to get things rolling. George, who recorded this song as a solo on his second album back in 2000, was looking forward to a new shot at one of his favorite tunes, and was especially looking forward to Andy Suzuki doing a Stan Getz-esque tenor solo on the song. Andy, of course, did not disappoint. This was a special day for Andy as well, as it was his last recording session in the US before he and his wife moved to Berlin.

Karl Vincent turned in a wonderful solo, and then George took a turn. By the time the track was over, the quartet was in the groove, and ready to attack the 4 new originals that George had written for this occasion.

Three of these new songs make it onto the new album: “Waltz For Diana” (track 3 on Volume 1), dedicated to George’s wife, gives Andy a chance to do a little Paul Desmond on the alto. This new album closes with the other two new compositions, “Evan’s Eleven” (track 12 on Volume 2), a rollicking funk/blues in 11/4, and “Wayne’s World” (track 13 on Volume 2), dedicated to Wayne Shorter. This last track gives the band a chance to really stretch out. Make special note of the rhythm section on the way out of this tune — Karl Vincent, George and MB roar like a well-oiled machine. They just did not want to stop — so they didn’t.

At the end of the day, the lights were turned down, and George and Andy did a duet version of “My Funny Valentine” (track 4 on Volume 1). This bittersweet love song poured out of their hearts onto the tape, and was done in one take. Then it was time to thank Eric Galleta and all the Park Hill Studio people, pack up the tapes and hightail it back to the big city. Mission accomplished.

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Galletta Guitars

I’ve been building and repairing guitars for well over 20 years now! When you get a chance to come to Park Hill Music you will also get a chance to play and work with some of my instruments as there are many to choose from!

This is a clip form one of my instruments recorded with Johnny Neal & The Bluesprint!

Rollin Man

I have been very fortunate to learn from many guitar builders/mentors which include Wayne Charvel, Bernie Rico, RC Allen, Ted McCarty and the last two from “instruments and artifacts” that I have personally examined of Paul Bigsby, James D’Aquisto. These opportunities have given me some great insight to the way they have approached guitar design, construction tonal characteristics inherent in each builders design and approach.

Through the universal energies that be all of these men have touched my life in profound ways.

Here are a few in which I’ve built over the years ……..

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Where tha Buffalo roam and the analog play!

Park Hill Music Studio is a unique location owing to the fact that we have a Buffalo herd roaming around across from the studio.

The Buffalo are great to watch from the studio! We love em and we know that you will too.

Come to Park Hill where the Buffalo roam and the Analog play! We are proud of our analog capabilities and the fact that our front end of recording choice we made over the years are world class analog the Neve V3 6O input affords the artists who come into the studio with – 60 INPUTS IN-LINE • CHANNEL EQ AND DYNAMICS • WORLD CLASS MIC PRES all giving your digital signal the added UMPH that comes from a world class recording.

Jesse Hiatt -Engineer/Artist

Photo by Thom Bresh

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Welcome To Park Hill Music Company

PHMC Control Room

PHMC Control Room

Park Hill Music is nestled in a quaint valley setting where a herd of Buffalo roam directly across from the studio. Within walking distance a wide array of African Wildlife reside.

Park Hill Music Studio is large enough to accommodate groups from a 3 piece power trio to a 35 piece Big Band or Orchestra.The room includes a 1902 Steinway 6′ 10″ Model B Grand Piano and Hammond B3 and BV organs with a variety of Leslie organ speakers. An extensive selection of custom and vintage guitars and amps also grace the Studio. We have hosted many independent and major world class artists. Our production teams and in house session musicians are some finest in the world.

Park Hill is comprised of 3200 Sq ft of recording studio and built the “right way” and features world class Neve V3 60 input console and a producers desk which holds an array of class A outboard gear.

Our extensive microphone collection is comprised of the very best,Nuemann,Geffell,Royer,RCA,AKG,Blue, and Audix microphones.

Enjoy the world class amenities nearby luxury Indian Casinos of Morongo, Soboba and Pechanga all within minutes drive. The Artist community of Idyllwild, California at 6000 ft elevation is also only minutes drive with natures abundance and recreation.

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