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Are You An Empowered Musician?

Music Sense by Echoingwalls MusicWhat if… there was a music service that put you and your needs ahead of profit? And offered unlimited services designed just to help you get more traffic, leads and sales?

What if… this music service actually went out and did marketing for you, and not only that, went out of their way to do all of the “technical” work so you could focus on your music?

And what if… it didn’t break your wallet every month just to keep up with payments?

Park Hill Music Group now offers an introductory music service for the Empowered Musician that wants both freedom and control over their music and career, without red tape, hidden fine print, and without a lot of set up or headaches.

As a member, you will receive your own, fully customizable marketing platform (currently ranked one of the top 500 sites on the globe), with more than 40,000 users, making it a hub of activity to promote your music and merchandise.

You’ll also receive access to specific training, showing you the ‘secrets’ of how to get more traffic, leads and sales to help explode your music career – strategies of marketers who make 5 and 6 figure a month!

But even better, you get access to an incredible music platform that makes it all possible for you to take your career to the next level.

Here’s what you get:

Better Exposure: Music Sense allows others to listen to, buy, and download your music or audio from ANYWHERE, on virtually ANY device, including mobile devices and smart phones.
Sell Direct With No Waiting: With Music Sense, you can sell your music directly to your customers. There are no middle-men, which means no waiting to get paid! You get paid instantly!

Keep 100% of Sales: Music Sense is a music-based service, not a profit-based service. We don’t take commissions and you keep 100% of your sales!

Do Less Work: With Music Sense, you simply upload your music and go about your day. There are no complex processes to figure out, or daily tasks to perform. You’ve got a life!

$2500 Marketing Package: No more messing with profiles and promoting endless links that take away from your time and costing you money. Music Sense includes online and local marketing, including SEO.

Freedom From Apps: With millions of apps out there, people have become weary of fees, hidden costs, advertising, software updates and more. With Music Sense, there is no software to install, no apps to run, or software to download, freeing you and your customers.

No Account Restrictions: When other services restrict accounts to file limit sizes, bandwidth and more… we don’t. Your membership is unrestricted with no upload limits!

Full Mobile Integration: Music Sense gives you a whole new level of control, by integrating mobile technology with your service. Now you can turn anything into a point of sale or delivery, including flyers and merchandise. Now others can listen to your music, purchase songs, download, and even subscribe with just a simple scan and click!

Subscriptions, Messaging & SMS: Communication is key, but you don’t need to pay for a subscription service. Music Sense includes a powerful subscription service that allows you to send out updates to your email subscribers, and SMS text messages to your automated mobile list.

Unprecedented Protection: With all of the freedom you get, we understand that from time to time people will have buyer’s regret and want a refund. With Music Sense, you don’t have to worry. If anyone requests a refund on music… we’ve got you covered!

We do all of the marketing and the set up. All you have to do, is just upload your content and focus on doing what you normally do – music.

Built by artists, for artists, with you in mind!

Get Started Today For Only $97 $25
(reduced for a limited time)
Total value: $3,500.00

Note: After completing registration, please allow up to an hour to receive your log in information to being uploading your music! If you do not receive it within an hour, please call our support at (919) 576-9255 and speak with a representative.

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