Makana experiences ” The True Sound” recording experience at Park Hill.

Makana – is an American slack-key guitar player and singer. He has been called “Hawaii’s Guitar Hero” and “the greatest living [slack-key guitar] player”.He has contributed songs to two Grammy-nominated albums. (wikipedia)

Makana states that ” I’m in San Jacinto, CA Valley having the greatest recording session of my life thus far. Period. Recording to analog tape thru Old World Audio tube U33 compressors. EPIC. Why did we ever go digital? The old sound is so monumentally beautiful. I’m never going back.”

Rodney Davis from ” Old World Audio ” and Eric Galletta are dedicated in providing the best in “True Sound” recording experience. Makanas’experience was recorded to Analog totally bypassing all need for digital until the last step in transferring the analog tape to store to digital format.

Makana says “We kept it analog the whole way until we dumped to the computer so I could listen on CD in the car. The sound really transfers well.”
I am very pleased with the sound that I heard and experienced. I have never felt this way about any recording experience as I am known as a live performer and never really enjoyed the recording experience or recording studios until I heard the “Here and Now”.

Old World Audio and Park Hill Music provided me with that undeniable recording experience, I am excited like never before about recording” These recordings sound like “period correct” recordings of yesteryears masters of slack key and Hawaiian Music, I have spent considerable time and effort to recreate these type of recordings.

Eric Galletta says .. ” I am very proud of Rodney Davis of Old World Audio and our undeniable analog “econoline” input that he has mastered. We are truly excited that we can share this experience with world class artists such as Makana who is inherently in tune with nature,humanity and noble outreaches that resonant with love for all and service for all. We believe that the listener will now experience a much more pleasing listening experience that is heart centered.” This is a blessing for all of humanity!

You can check out his website concerts and performances at Makanas’ Music at Makana Music

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