Like a mighty Oak . .. our roots are deep rooted in the Earth.

Spring has sprung and Park Hill Music is busier than ever. We would like to mention that we have been busy with several recording artists and productions. Recently in the studio recording artists include Lady Envy, Jack French, Rodney Davis, Michael Rose & Larry Green, Kory Stew, Darrin Milton, Bryant Moore and Harold Cutts.

Spring has Sprung

We have been diligently working on our line in put as we have reverted back to yesteryear in the best possible analog recording techniques and equipment. You may ask what this difference makes if any? My report is that we have connected with true essence of recording art and sciences that captures the true ether of recording. We partnered with Old World Audio and we built the essential gear to get that “classic recorded sound”. Tubes, transistors, and transformers, plate reverb, vintage microphones Voltage and headroom.

These things are MANDATORY for making beautiful recordings!!

Unfortunately, they are all missing from DAW recording world.

Finding real gear that sounds like the old classic stuff is exhausting and expensive. Park Hill Music has labored hard to give our clients artists and consumers a musical experience unrivaled with sonic bliss. I can honestly say that our sound is akin to the old Beatles Revolver, Motown and Muscle Shoals sound “BIG, FAT, WARM AND ORGANIC” Analog recorded music soothes the soul!

Happy with Analog

As Rodney Davis from “Old World Audio has mentioned, I quote him as our energies have met and resonate together over the two years with this statement – “From the beginning, we have set out to provide the highest quality products available for a reasonable price. We have invested a considerable amount of love and resources into researching and testing components before using them in our products, even having them custom made when necessary. We are, above all, musicians whose sole purpose is to create gear and music recordings that produces the most pleasing, euphoric, sonic experience possible–and to educate our customers on how to achieve the same with their desired sound. Whether it is transformer color or natural clarity you are looking for, we believe in the quality of analog recording and are committed to keeping this style of equipment alive like an Old World tradition.”

It does not matter what genre your music is in we can deliver a recording that is sonically superior to Digital! We also can take your digital DAW files and sonically enhance them in the analog domain by running thru our line input and back in the box.

Like the mighty Oak , Our roots are deep rooted in the EARTH . .. …

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