John Marion Neal – Rest In Peace

John Marion Neal

John Marion Neal our blues brother will be missed tremendously! Johnny was not only a musician, he was a brother husband, father and friend of many. His undeniable sweet spirit and love of music was evident everywhere he played and shined his light! We love you Johnny and you will never be forgotten as you reside deep in our hearts!
John Marion Neal

More about Johnny!

Johnny spent his younger years around his father’s nightclub in Kansas,there he was introduced to the BLUES,R&B,JAZZ and Rock n Roll. Influences such as Sam Cooke,Jackie Wilson,Smokey Robinson,Ray Charles,and Otis Redding as well as Al Green contributued to Johnnys dynamic expression in both his vocal and instrumental performance. In the 1960’s Johnny was the frontman and singer for the Rising Suns and the Young Raiders. In the 1970’s hetoured coast to coast with the Germ and opened for Paul Revere and The Raiders,The Shirelles, Steppenwolf,Three Dog Night,Charlie Musselwhite and others at the Nashville Pop Festival. The Germ recorded a single titled”Green Door” which hit Billboards TOP 100 list and was rated 98 on Dick Clarks American Bandstand. Most recently Johnny was selected to play for and tour with WAR, and The Bill Mcgee Blues Band Johnny’s exceptional talents and personality have helped give these “FRIENDS” their recognizable identity. JOHNNY NEAL AND THE BLUESPRINT Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket BLUES REVUE MAGAZINE Johnny Neal and THE BLUESPRINT come out of the California Desert with a thick mix of Honky Tonk Piano and Twangy Guitar and Neals gritty Hammond Organ on “DO I HAVE THE BLUES” self released. Hot guests like harp ace Rocky Zharp groove behind Neal’s low tenor voice moves between soul crooning and jumping shout roadhouse with ease, and hes expressive and emotionaly connected for all the rocking blues here, its the ballads that most reveal Neals’ passionate side with soul vocals in the traditional of Lou Rawls or Barry White. Best cuts lovely ballad “Just Cry” with its scenic sunset feel. LIVING BLUE MAGAZINE – Park Hill PHMC 327-2 Johnny Neal was first exposed to music thru the blues and soul he heard at his fathers nightclub, but he has spent most of his own career playing in rock bands including a stint as keyboardist with “WAR”. Here he imbraces his roots to what appears to be an all original program. In addition to the underpinings provided by his Hammond B3 guitarist Jim Papastathis get most of the solo space, Neal proves himself to be a most impressive singer with a deep gospel influence that shines most brightly on the atmospheric closer “Mama I Love You” (

Johnny was always trying to make a difference in this world and he did thru music. He brought Joy, Love and Peace to all he played for over his career. He was active in changing peoples lives he interacted with! He was a true humanitarian!

Here Johnny is on the track “Cant Wait On The World”

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  1. Cheryl Neal McFarthing says:

    What a wonderful sight! I opened your websight and there is real time, my wonderful brother’s picture and your comments. Thank you so much for caring about him enough to make a difference! We loved him dearly as a family and it is a blessing to know that others everywhere felt the same way. He is resting in the arms of God right now and for this I am very happy. No more pain nor hardship for Johnny. We miss him alot! I would love to receive any of Johnny’s music that was not yet published. Even in raw form, I would love it. If you think of something that I should know, please do not hesitate to contact me. God bless you and your work at you station in Hemet. His sister, Cheryl

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