Galletta Guitars

I’ve been building and repairing guitars for well over 20 years now! When you get a chance to come to Park Hill Music you will also get a chance to play and work with some of my instruments as there are many to choose from!

This is a clip form one of my instruments recorded with Johnny Neal & The Bluesprint!

Rollin Man

I have been very fortunate to learn from many guitar builders/mentors which include Wayne Charvel, Bernie Rico, RC Allen, Ted McCarty and the last two from “instruments and artifacts” that I have personally examined of Paul Bigsby, James D’Aquisto. These opportunities have given me some great insight to the way they have approached guitar design, construction tonal characteristics inherent in each builders design and approach.

Through the universal energies that be all of these men have touched my life in profound ways.

Here are a few in which I’ve built over the years ……..

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I'm a creative spirit who loves the audio and visual arts . I manage produce and run, along with a great dedicated team of engineers,producers and musicians who are all audiophiles a 3200 sq ft state of the art recording studio called Park Hill and I also make custom one of a kind hand crafted guitars under my last name Galletta . ... "Galletta Guitars"
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