Adapt or get left behind. ..

This coming year we are preparing for change as its the only thing inevitable . ..  Frequencies are ramping up this year 2017 and so are we!

high vibrations

Big Bison

The Red Tailed Hawks have been soaring just about everyday here at Park Hill Music Group. We are hopeful this year brings many new and exciting artists and stellar recordings.





Our recording are getting bigger as do the opportunities just as big! We are praying for abundance for all who we cross paths with.

Keeping our thoughts and aspirations high and our feet firmly planted. . .. ….

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Park Hill Music Group – Improvements take time and energy!

Over here at Park Hill Music Group , it been a while since we posted, while we have had recordings thru-out the last year, we really had our heart into improving our SOUND . ..

We have succeeded in really finding a sound that brings the Artist to focus on the art rather than not feeling that certain evasive “something”  that holds them back to being their true self in the recording experience. We have officially succeeded in finding that evasive “something” in “True Sound” recording with the help of  Rodney Davis @ Old World Audio. Rodney has sent us on a path of all class A discrete Analog input UN-paralleled to what we had previously.  Coupled with our Vintage tub microphones Analog musical equipment and our minimization approach to production and mic placement, we believe we have a great organic true sound!

We cater to those Artists and Musicians who know and understand the difference!

Old World Audio coupled with Vintage Tube Mics and Compressors  and Vintage inductor based consoles that are modified for optimum band widths . ..

Old World Audio coupled with Vintage Tube Mics and Compressors and Vintage induction based consoles that are modified for optimum band widths . ..We are excited by the new and unending possibilities in the creation of new music recording that really touch the listener. We also look forward to offering vinyl recordings of these sessions too.

PM 1000

a room with a view and the TRUE SOUND of YOU!

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Listen live online today to Lily McCabe and Wayne Cameron at 2 PM, broadcast from Park Hill Music Group

Swift Pony is the sonic extension of the life partnership of Lily McCabe and Wayne Cameron, two artists from very different musical backgrounds. Lily’s roots originate in classical, bluegrass, Celtic, and world traditions. Prior to meeting Lily, Wayne spent most of his time playing and listening to pop, new wave and rock. In combining these styles, they produce a unique soundscape that is rhythmically and melodically compelling.  The beautiful violin and vocal lines mixing with acoustic guitar that is often more drum than stringed instrument take the listener to places they will rarely find on the mainstream radio. Swift_Pony.881127_large

@ 2pm PST   Chords and Vines Radio LIVE LISTEN HERE

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Moving along . ..

Its been a while since we posted last. We have had many fine artists who have experienced the “True Sound” that we have been working on. Recently we had several artists come in and record. One artist in particular who has a bright future is  Singer- Songwriter – Guitarist and Vocalist  . .. Indio Eli Romero.


068Indio has been playing guitar and writing music for about 5 yrs now. He has a great perspective on life and knows how to roll with the punches in this modern music industry. Starting a band at an early age and experiencing the trials and tribulations of doing just that has led him on his own personal journey of self discovery.  We will see Indio again very soon. In the meantime here is a clip from his rough take to Analog tape . ..  entitled  “Adios”

Adios for now . .. stay tuned . … Continue reading

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Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014

The Red Tail Hawks often visit these last few months and let us know to welcome the new year with renewed vision and high aspirations. We have a new view on things and its sharp

Red Tail Hawk

We have really been going thru many changes with the studio with the help Rodney Davis from “Old World Audio” and keeping the “true sound” intact in our recordings.

We are really excited to be working with Artists and Producers “Who know and understand the difference” in the Old World Audio approach.

“We love you, your good enough now lets go have some fun” is the common denominator in all we do. We hope that you feel the same when you experience the true sound experience.

PM 1000

PM 1000

Have a great New Year 2014 and stay tuned for more coming from Park Hill Music . ..

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Like a mighty Oak . .. our roots are deep rooted in the Earth.

Spring has sprung and Park Hill Music is busier than ever. We would like to mention that we have been busy with several recording artists and productions. Recently in the studio recording artists include Lady Envy, Jack French, Rodney Davis, Michael Rose & Larry Green, Kory Stew, Darrin Milton, Bryant Moore and Harold Cutts.

Spring has Sprung

We have been diligently working on our line in put as we have reverted back to yesteryear in the best possible analog recording techniques and equipment. You may ask what this difference makes if any? My report is that we have connected with true essence of recording art and sciences that captures the true ether of recording. We partnered with Old World Audio and we built the essential gear to get that “classic recorded sound”. Tubes, transistors, and transformers, plate reverb, vintage microphones Voltage and headroom.

These things are MANDATORY for making beautiful recordings!!

Unfortunately, they are all missing from DAW recording world.

Finding real gear that sounds like the old classic stuff is exhausting and expensive. Park Hill Music has labored hard to give our clients artists and consumers a musical experience unrivaled with sonic bliss. I can honestly say that our sound is akin to the old Beatles Revolver, Motown and Muscle Shoals sound “BIG, FAT, WARM AND ORGANIC” Analog recorded music soothes the soul!

Happy with Analog

As Rodney Davis from “Old World Audio has mentioned, I quote him as our energies have met and resonate together over the two years with this statement – “From the beginning, we have set out to provide the highest quality products available for a reasonable price. We have invested a considerable amount of love and resources into researching and testing components before using them in our products, even having them custom made when necessary. We are, above all, musicians whose sole purpose is to create gear and music recordings that produces the most pleasing, euphoric, sonic experience possible–and to educate our customers on how to achieve the same with their desired sound. Whether it is transformer color or natural clarity you are looking for, we believe in the quality of analog recording and are committed to keeping this style of equipment alive like an Old World tradition.”

It does not matter what genre your music is in we can deliver a recording that is sonically superior to Digital! We also can take your digital DAW files and sonically enhance them in the analog domain by running thru our line input and back in the box.

Like the mighty Oak , Our roots are deep rooted in the EARTH . .. …

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Jack French – Singer Songwriter

Jack French is an up and coming singer songwriter who has recently been frequenting the studio here!
Originally from Florida, Jack moved to Southern California and is currently studying at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego.

Jacks songs are inspired by his love for life and the relationships encountered on the way! He has a very colorful and whimsical outlook on life. He is on to much more great music!

Jack French

Jack has discovered the power of “True Sound” Analog recording capabilities thru Park Hill Music .

Check out his tune “Remember Me”

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Makana experiences ” The True Sound” recording experience at Park Hill.

Makana – is an American slack-key guitar player and singer. He has been called “Hawaii’s Guitar Hero” and “the greatest living [slack-key guitar] player”.He has contributed songs to two Grammy-nominated albums. (wikipedia)

Makana states that ” I’m in San Jacinto, CA Valley having the greatest recording session of my life thus far. Period. Recording to analog tape thru Old World Audio tube U33 compressors. EPIC. Why did we ever go digital? The old sound is so monumentally beautiful. I’m never going back.”

Rodney Davis from ” Old World Audio ” and Eric Galletta are dedicated in providing the best in “True Sound” recording experience. Makanas’experience was recorded to Analog totally bypassing all need for digital until the last step in transferring the analog tape to store to digital format.

Makana says “We kept it analog the whole way until we dumped to the computer so I could listen on CD in the car. The sound really transfers well.”
I am very pleased with the sound that I heard and experienced. I have never felt this way about any recording experience as I am known as a live performer and never really enjoyed the recording experience or recording studios until I heard the “Here and Now”.

Old World Audio and Park Hill Music provided me with that undeniable recording experience, I am excited like never before about recording” These recordings sound like “period correct” recordings of yesteryears masters of slack key and Hawaiian Music, I have spent considerable time and effort to recreate these type of recordings.

Eric Galletta says .. ” I am very proud of Rodney Davis of Old World Audio and our undeniable analog “econoline” input that he has mastered. We are truly excited that we can share this experience with world class artists such as Makana who is inherently in tune with nature,humanity and noble outreaches that resonant with love for all and service for all. We believe that the listener will now experience a much more pleasing listening experience that is heart centered.” This is a blessing for all of humanity!

You can check out his website concerts and performances at Makanas’ Music at Makana Music

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Dianña Parro ” Stand Up And Live Strong” Video shoot benefits Susan G Komen ~ For The Cure

Dianña wrote and sang and recorded her song ‘Stand Up and Live Strong’ for several Breast Cancer, Race for the Cures and Susan G. Koman Awards Ceremonies. She has over this weekend made a video in the studio that will benefit Breast Cancer survivors and the women who are inflicted with the disease to fight with strength and new fervor as the song lyrics imply.

On hand to capture the video was artist and videographer Jon Magnificent and Mike Casper capturing the still photography of the video!
She was also accompanied by her beautiful background singers “Women of Pink”.

We at Park Hill Music are glad that we can play a role in a video and music recording that will bring strength and power to the women who suffer from this disease and give them courage to fight, with a video and song that supports them and their will to conquer breast cancer! ” Stand Up And Live Strong” is their song!

[caption id="attachment_532" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Women Of Pink

“Stand Up And Live Strong” [/caption]

Dianñas’ passion for Charities has branched from the Musician Workshop and Battered Women’s Shelter’s. She is currently writing a childrens’ book that will come to life through music.

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John Marion Neal – Rest In Peace

John Marion Neal

John Marion Neal our blues brother will be missed tremendously! Johnny was not only a musician, he was a brother husband, father and friend of many. His undeniable sweet spirit and love of music was evident everywhere he played and shined his light! We love you Johnny and you will never be forgotten as you reside deep in our hearts!
John Marion Neal

More about Johnny!

Johnny spent his younger years around his father’s nightclub in Kansas,there he was introduced to the BLUES,R&B,JAZZ and Rock n Roll. Influences such as Sam Cooke,Jackie Wilson,Smokey Robinson,Ray Charles,and Otis Redding as well as Al Green contributued to Johnnys dynamic expression in both his vocal and instrumental performance. In the 1960’s Johnny was the frontman and singer for the Rising Suns and the Young Raiders. In the 1970’s hetoured coast to coast with the Germ and opened for Paul Revere and The Raiders,The Shirelles, Steppenwolf,Three Dog Night,Charlie Musselwhite and others at the Nashville Pop Festival. The Germ recorded a single titled”Green Door” which hit Billboards TOP 100 list and was rated 98 on Dick Clarks American Bandstand. Most recently Johnny was selected to play for and tour with WAR, and The Bill Mcgee Blues Band Johnny’s exceptional talents and personality have helped give these “FRIENDS” their recognizable identity. JOHNNY NEAL AND THE BLUESPRINT Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket BLUES REVUE MAGAZINE Johnny Neal and THE BLUESPRINT come out of the California Desert with a thick mix of Honky Tonk Piano and Twangy Guitar and Neals gritty Hammond Organ on “DO I HAVE THE BLUES” self released. Hot guests like harp ace Rocky Zharp groove behind Neal’s low tenor voice moves between soul crooning and jumping shout roadhouse with ease, and hes expressive and emotionaly connected for all the rocking blues here, its the ballads that most reveal Neals’ passionate side with soul vocals in the traditional of Lou Rawls or Barry White. Best cuts lovely ballad “Just Cry” with its scenic sunset feel. LIVING BLUE MAGAZINE – Park Hill PHMC 327-2 Johnny Neal was first exposed to music thru the blues and soul he heard at his fathers nightclub, but he has spent most of his own career playing in rock bands including a stint as keyboardist with “WAR”. Here he imbraces his roots to what appears to be an all original program. In addition to the underpinings provided by his Hammond B3 guitarist Jim Papastathis get most of the solo space, Neal proves himself to be a most impressive singer with a deep gospel influence that shines most brightly on the atmospheric closer “Mama I Love You” (

Johnny was always trying to make a difference in this world and he did thru music. He brought Joy, Love and Peace to all he played for over his career. He was active in changing peoples lives he interacted with! He was a true humanitarian!

Here Johnny is on the track “Cant Wait On The World”

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